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Welcome Winter Sunset


Gema Moraleja was born in Madrid on September 24 1970. Since she was nine she dreamed of becoming a writer. She even wrote her own magazine, hoping to one day publish her writing. Nothing has come easy to this writer who, from the moment she stepped into her first literary circle (tertulia) got to know all kinds of people, from the most arrogant and hard-faced to the most tender and innocent.

At one point she almost gave up on being a writer. She had contacted 40 publishers, but noone it seemed would publish her. It was then that she came to a crucial turning point in her life. -Dear God, she said to herself, if I am not good enough to write, please send me a sign and I will stop writing. And if I am good enough, send me a sign to tell me I should carry on. That same day she received a letter from Betania publishers, and two months later at the age of 25, her first book came out. And even a critic who had told her that he would never publish her book Ripios (Empty Words) because literature was for people with more class now recognized that Ripios was not so bad after all.

Do not despair of scaling mountain peaks

Be content to see the

Waves, the rhythm of the sea,

And its inhabitants; from above

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Shortly I will be bringing you information about my literary activities, literary anecdotes and collaborative work with other authors.

Life imitates experience

live what happens

in reality

as if it were

pure fantasy


11/4/06. Last update. Come again, more information and poems added in a regular bases.


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