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Book's covers

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"Remember that in this world

winning does not mean conquering an immediate goal

but a distant future".


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Buy my book now!!!
We all find ourselves lost from time to time in a torrent of emotions, sensations and feelings that we try to express in a creative manner, whether through literature, art or another form. "Espinas de Sal" cured wounds to the heart with the liberating force of poetry.
This week only: $4.00

Buy my book now!!!
Gen-Mra and Victoria Pereira-La are the authors of Mareas Humanas, a book which brings together their poetry. The result is a wave of poems which take a revealing look at life and other people, at the work of the poet and worldly existence. A wave infused with sensibility, which leaves in its wake beautiful shells along the beach. However, / life goes around / in endless cycles, / it is people who change, / while the world / stays the same, writes Gen-Mra. Barely sentient between hell and paradise, / I approach daily life, / it is time to burrow under the skin of this world, begins one of Victoria Pereira-La poems. Published by
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In this book, her fourth, the author dramatically changes style as she embarks on a voyage through the clouds of Fuerteventura. She warmly embraces the ways of this gentle land, as if it were her secret lover. She pledges to live and die amongst its people, and encounters recurring images and words that reveal her love of water. A torrent of passion springs forth from a spring of emotions, and is converted into the fire of a thousand truths and finally into poems.
This week only: $4.00


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